Saturday, December 11


The girls got to see santa AGAIN. Brynadee was so excited, I don't know that she really gets the whole santa thing but she really wants him to bring her a dollhouse!!! She will walk around the house saying "santa dollhouse" all day long.

Bailee couldn't take her eyes off of him.
Brynadee was so excited to see him.

The girls in their Christmas dresses. So cute!

This is how Brynadee likes to fall asleep now. We will go in to turn off her light and if she isn't in her bed or in her closet the next place to look is under her bed.

Monday, November 1


These were my cute little bumblebee's for Halloween.
On Thursday we went to Weston's work for a fun little trick or treat party and a little boy had a scary mask on and would talk to Brynadee in a scary she is automatically scared of anything with mask on. Well we are trick or treating on Saturday night and Brynadee is at a house and gets her candy but will NOT come down the stairs, then she starts screaming MOMMY, come to find out there was a kid with a mask headed up to the door so Weston had to go get and we had to steer clear of any masked trick or treaters the rest of the night.

Friday, October 22


I just had to show the cute cake Brynadee made for me for my birthday. Shannon came and picked Brynadee up and took her to the store to pick out whatever she wanted to put on it. ( I was surprised that it wasn't princess stuff). She helped make the cake, then she helped Weston frost it....some for the cake, some for her....and so on. She had the most fun putting the presents and hearts on, she would even get a little extra frosting on her fingers. It was really fun to watch her be so excited about making. Thank you everyone for the gifts!!

Tuesday, August 24

First tooth!

Well it is official. Bailee has her first tooth. I didn't even know she was teething but it just poked right out. Hopefully she will teeth this good on all the rest!

Sunday, August 22

Brynadee turned 2!!

Well my little baby turned 2 on thursday. She is such a BIG girl now, I think she seems more grown up since she has a little sister but I still can't believe she is already 2.

Our cute little chubba a day old.
I just had to throw this picture in. Her Grandma Deets gave her an outfit with these sunglasses and she thinks she is pretty neat stuff.

This was at breakfast on thursday. I didn't know how well she would do with blowing out her candles so I had her practice with her pancakes.( her favorite thing to eat)

She picked out her cake and when we got it out she thought that was her present. We would ask her what she was getting and she would say tinkerbell.

Singing happy birthday and blowing out her candles.
She got SO many fun toys and every morning she comes out and it is like she forgets that she had them. The look on face when she comes out and sees her little prinsess car and yo gabba gabba toy are priceless. Thank you everybody!!

Monday, July 19

Random Pictures!

To explain the next few pictures, the boys go down to the river and go "red-neck knee boarding". To explain what it is....they take a four wheeler, ski rope, knee rope, and build a ramp. The four wheeler is on the bank and pulls them up and down the river and then they hit the ramp. They think it is the BEST thing ever.

Weston throwing Brynadee in the air. She LOVES it.
Weston and Brynadee swimming. ( she is naked because I didn't think she would want anything to do with the water, but it was actually quite warm.
The best Forth of July photo I could get.
Bailee fell asleep in her bumbo.

Monday, June 28


Well to start out Bailee is 3 months old!! Crazy! She is the best and happiest baby ever! She is getting so fun and more alert.

We were up at the lake fishing and Weston got hot and Chloe's hat fell in the lake so he decided to keep dunking it and wearing it.

We went up to the cabin to go camping and went to the Fish Hatchery. Brynadee LOVES fish.

Trishia and I trying to keep the kids entertained so Weston and Dave could do some fishing.

Monday, May 10

Mother's Day.

I had a great Mother's day. We have been talking about getting a new oven, BUT it wasn't a necessity right now so we stopped looking at them. Well Friday Weston left with his parents to go to the store and comes back with an oven. He couldn't keep it a secret any longer. Thanks honey I love it.....maybe I can quit burning stuff....MAYBE.

Bailee's Blessing.

We blessed Bailee this month along with Izzie. The last picture is what the girls wore to Izzie's blessing. Then an hour later we blessed Bailee. It was a good day!! After both blessings we went to my mom's and had a big lunch all together.

These are their matching easter dresses Grandma Deets got for them.

I give UP!!!

Well if one more sickness or anything goes wrong I might go CRAZY!!!! In like February Weston got phenomia(?) and was sick for two weeks, he luckily got rid of that just in time for Bailee to get here, then last week Brynadee had the flu and still having blow-outs.
On Saturday Weston and I were on a motorcycle ride and he thought he got bit or stung by something, but we couldn't find any kind of bug.....well his leg just kept getting bigger and bigger so while we were out at my parents for dinner and he was showing everyone and by this time it was huge, red and on my family convinced me to make Weston go to the Emergency Room and come to find out he never got bit by anything, he has what is called mersa(?) and it just this bacteria that we all carry, but his body just reacted to for everyone that understand medical crap he has a staff infection in his leg. It was too far along that he can't just take an oral antibiotic, instead he gets to go in for a couple of days and every 12 hours he has to get IV antibiotics.......FUN FUN!!!!!

Thursday, April 29

One Month!

Bailey is one month old today(on Grandma Deet's birthday) It is crazy how fast the time flies!!!! I don't remember it going this fast when Brynadee was this small, but i'm sure it did. Bailey is such a good baby, we were worried that we were going to have a crier since Brynadee was such a good baby too. We got lucky again. She is only waking up one time in the night(I can't complain, but wished she were sleeping through the night). Brynadee slept through the night at 6 weeks, so that will hopefully be the magic number again, but Bailey isn't nearly as chubby as Brynadee was at this age. When she was born I thought she looked just like Brynadee did, but now she is just her own little person, we don't really know who she looks like?!?!

Monday, April 12

Meeting Great Grandma

This past weekend we went out to Salt Lake for a baby shower. Weston's cousin was having a baby shower so we went out to let everyone(mostly Great Grandma) see and meet Bailee for the first time. I was just going to ride out with Shannon and Mindy, but I convinced Weston to come. During the shower he took Brynadee to cabelas and i'm sure had a blast. When he got back we took pictures of them with Great Grandma Rosalie.

This is just a picture I took of Bailee that I had to put in!
Bailee Rose, with Great Grandma Rosalie

This is the only picture I got with Brynadee. She was having way too much fun exploring.
After the shower we took Brynadee to the Aquarium and she likes it even better than last time. Her favorite part by far is the new penguin exhibit. Later that night Weston took her swimming at the hotel and she couldn't get enough. She is going to be a water LOVER like her dad.

Monday, April 5

Easter Egg Hunt!!

We do a egg hunt at my parents, and because of the great weather this weekend we ended up doing it inside(the kids didn't really care, they were just happy to be getting candy). Brynadee actually new what she was suppose to do this year(with a little coaxing from dad). It was fun to watch her having so much fun!

Wednesday, March 31

Bailee Rose.

Bailee FINALLY came at 9:16 P.M. Monday . She weighed in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is a quiet little thing that is for sure....but i'm not complaining.
The oh so happy BIG sister!!
Brynadee can't seem to get enough of her. She always is wanting to hold her.

Proud Papa.

Right after she was born.

Monday, March 29

Bailee is coming!!

Well today is the big DAY!!! I can't believe it is here. I was a complete wreck last night, not because I am scared or nervous, but yes because Chubbs won't be my only little chubbs. Weird I know. I had to go in and just watch her sleep last night. It is weird to think about our little family any different, but I'm sure after Bailee is here it will be weird then to think we didn't have her?!?! Well I guess wish me luck in a faster delivery than Brynadee's and I will keep you posted.....I am just wasting time this morning because I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep(imagine that).

Friday, March 12


Well all of my fluids are magically back down in the normal range. The 29th can't come soon enough!!! Only 17 more days to go......YAHOO!!! I'm just glad I havn't gotten to the really really uncomfortable stage yet.
Hopefully our shed will get done today then we can clear out the nursery and actually have somewhere for the baby to sleep. Once that happens I will REALLY be ready.

Thursday, February 18

Update on Bailee.

So two weeks ago at my appointment I was suppose to get an ultrasound(just to check the heart...there is nothing wrong, but they thought something was wrong with Brynadee's heart so he was wanting to double check). Anyway, so come to find out I had almost too much amniotic fluid....normal amounts are between 5-25 and I had 23...well not a big deal right.
Well I went back this week for my appointment and had to get another ultrasound to check the fluid AND of course it couldn't have just stayed the same. My fluid levels are now at 30. So of course they can't figure out why I have so much fluid because everything with baby is just fine.
So I now have to go and get stress tested every week and an utlrasound at every appointment. They told me it is okay though just look at all the weight I would loose when I had the baby because of the fluid, but it is really sad when some of your MATERNITY shirts don't even cover your belly because it is soo BIG!!! But I guess I can't complain Bailee is healthy as a horse!! She is scheduled to come on March 29th!! 5 weeks and 3 days to go, but who is counting!

Tuesday, February 9


So all last week Brynadee was a BEAR!!!!!! I thought she was just getting her eye teeth and being really mean and moody, people say they are the worst. She also had a little bit of a fever all week.
All weekend we were around my whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, she woke up yesterday with little red dots all over her tummy and back. So my first thought is that she is getting chicken pox!!! Well come to find out she has roseola. There is nothing you can do for it, just make Brynadee as comfortable as possible.
We exposed all of the little kids to it. SORRY!!! I guess they are contagious before they even have any symptoms. She at least isn't as cranky, we just have to stay in the house, not to expose her to anyone else.

Tuesday, February 2


Here some little pictures of Bailee. 8 weeks to go, but who's counting!?!?!

Saturday, January 23

More of the Haircut!

This is the finished product.

This is right after the fact.
You can just call her "BUTCH"