Wednesday, June 22

Lagoon, It's what FUN is!

Everybody ready to have a fun filled day. Thanks to grandma they had matching shirts.

I just had to throw a picture in of the girls ready for church

This is Brynadee's new favorite thing to get done.....face painting. She of course chose to be Hello Kitty.

Bailee and Izzie riding the car ride!

Brynadee and Brysen in car ride.

Dad and Brynadee on the train ride.

Brynadee and Bailee on the plane ride

This was Bailee's first ride and she loved it.

Thursday, June 2


Well it was our 4 year anniversary yesterday(June 1st). We didn't do a whole lot on the actual day....just made him his favorite (or close to) dinner(chicken fried steak). Then we went out for some ice cream.
Last weekend Weston and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate. We were going to plan a trip on our 5 year, but Weston said that I would either be pregnant or have a baby and not be willing to leave it, so we jumped on the opportunity. We walked our little legs right off. We went to Lion King....SO COOL....and Chris Angel....NOT SO COOL. We had a good time just relaxing. I was ready to come home and see the girlies after 4 days that is for sure. I did pretty good though considering I have only left them overnight.
Weston thanks for everything you do for me and girls!! We love you.
I took my camera but we didn't even take a single picture, my reasoning was because we will be back there in February on our way to Disneyland so I would rather have pictures with the girls?!?!