Wednesday, March 30

Boo Boo turned 1!

Well we officially have a 1year old!! Bailee turned one yesterday on the 29th and she had so much fun. Thank you everyone for coming and all the gifts. She got SPOILED!!

Her cupcake cake?!?! Her little (big) cupcake she got to dive into.

She loved her cake but she really loved to rub it all over her tummy.
Brynadee eating her cupcake.
The finished should have seen the tub!?!?
Cloey helping her open presents.
Thank you again to everyone that came and for all of the gifts! Sad thing is Brynadee plays with her toys more than she does. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 22

Fun nights

This is Brynadee dressing her self for bed. Weston then made her chant I am cornholeo.....not the best thing for a 2 year old to be saying....(but was very funny)!!!
She also thought she was very funny.
This is how I found the girls playing tonight in our closet with all the shoes.
They are getting to be good little friends and Brynadee can't wait for Bailee to get bigger and do big girl stuff with her. Dressed up in their Christmas jammies as princesses....Brynadee thinks she is ALWAYS a princess!!

Disney on ice!

A few weekends ago we went to Disney on Ice....Brynadee LOVED it. It will for sure become an annual event in the Deets house. It was so much fun just watching Brynadee's facial expressions.

This is about as much fun a Bailee had. It lasted the WHOLE time!!

After a long day of shopping and Disney on Ice they were both exhausted!!