Tuesday, June 23


So for two weeks straight we did swim lessons for Weston's sake. If it would have been up to me I would have waited a year, but Weston insisted she LOVE the water and what better way than swim lessons. She didn't really need the swim lessons because she already loves the water, but oh well.
Well needless to say it was the longest two weeks!! They were right during nap time so she was good most of the time, but there were a few times she had it and just wanted to go to sleep. She wouldn't even make it home before she was zonked.....here are some pictures Grandma Deets came and took of her Loving swimming.

Friday, June 5

2 Whole Years!!!!

Well I'm a little behind but Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Oh and let me tell you it has gone by so fast. It is crazy to think we have only been married 2 years and have a little 9 month old!!! CRAZY?!? But worth it.

Well Monday morning we headed out to the city and shopped it up!! Yeah. It was an overdue shopping trip.(those are the worst because then you go crazy and think you need to get everything because you may not be back out to go shopping anytime soon.) We ate some good food, and just shopped some more. Then that night we went swimming at our hotel and brynadee had so much fun.....UNTIL.......We were getting her ready for bed and she had just gotten of the bath tub and her dad was grabbing something for me and left her on the bed(BIG NO NO) and she fell off right onto her head. She scrame for a solid 15 minutes, but she slept great.

Tuesday morning we got up and went to The Living Planet Aquarium and Bryandee loved it. She loved all the fish and just seeing all sorts of new things. After that we headed up to the zoo. Well needless to say she didn't so good here. She was ready for a nap, it was hot, and all of the animals were sleeping so you had to search to even see them so I think the only animals she saw were the camels, gorillas, monkeys, and bears. So pretty much I guess the zoo was really for Weston and I.

Overall it was a really good anniversary!! Thanks Babe for all you do for me and chubba.
We Love You!
This is Dad and Chubba looking at all the cool fish.
They are trying to touch the stingray. We are at the zoo and she is trying to be happy
with the gorilla
She is dead tired after the trip, she can't even finish her bottle, but she doesn't want to let it go.