Sunday, May 31

Boat Rides!!

On Saturday we went up to the lake with everyone else of course, and it was another first for Brynadee. She loves when we blow in her face or when it is really windy. It isn't going to be easy to teach her how to hold her breath and go under the water because you can't just blow in her face and have her hold her breath.

She is helping grandpa drive the boat!
She is just loving life. She is just like her dad and LOVES water. She was the only brave one that got in the lake. Well put her feet in, but she loved it she didn't even care that it was freezing.

Monday, May 25

What crappy weather this weekend!!

Brynadee, Kayden, and Cloey
Brynadee tuckered out from the LONG weekend.

The Deets Family

For Memorial Weekend Weston's brother, Scott, and his family came to visit from St. George. We were hopefully going to do a little four-wheeling and BBQing outside and just having a good weekend. We still had a good weekend but it was just a bummer that we had to stay inside the whole time and watch it rain. We did a family photo, that will be current for about 3 more months and played a lot of card games. The kids got to play together and it was a pretty good weekend considering the weather.

Thursday, May 21

9 Months Old!!

WOW how the time flies!! Our little girl is already 9 months old. I can't image life without her, she is so fun and has quite the little attitude.
This is our little chubba 9 month old, it is crazy how fast she growing!!
She is 6 months old and enjoying her very first sucker, she loved it!

She was our little NO neck, double chinned cutie @ 3 months.

This is our little miracle.

Monday, May 4

Work, Work, Work!!!

So for two weeks starting last friday night Weston is on night schedule for the outage at work.(power plant) He leaves at 6 P.M. and gets home at 8 A.M. then drops everything and crawls(literally) into bed. Then all day I have to try and keep Brynadee quiet. That is a joke.
He wakes up anywhere from 3-4 eats, plays with brynadee for a minute then starts all over. I really am SO GRATEFUL for Weston working and supporting us so I can stay home with Brynadee, but this sucks!!! Thank goodness it is for only 2 weeks!!!