Thursday, April 29

One Month!

Bailey is one month old today(on Grandma Deet's birthday) It is crazy how fast the time flies!!!! I don't remember it going this fast when Brynadee was this small, but i'm sure it did. Bailey is such a good baby, we were worried that we were going to have a crier since Brynadee was such a good baby too. We got lucky again. She is only waking up one time in the night(I can't complain, but wished she were sleeping through the night). Brynadee slept through the night at 6 weeks, so that will hopefully be the magic number again, but Bailey isn't nearly as chubby as Brynadee was at this age. When she was born I thought she looked just like Brynadee did, but now she is just her own little person, we don't really know who she looks like?!?!

Monday, April 12

Meeting Great Grandma

This past weekend we went out to Salt Lake for a baby shower. Weston's cousin was having a baby shower so we went out to let everyone(mostly Great Grandma) see and meet Bailee for the first time. I was just going to ride out with Shannon and Mindy, but I convinced Weston to come. During the shower he took Brynadee to cabelas and i'm sure had a blast. When he got back we took pictures of them with Great Grandma Rosalie.

This is just a picture I took of Bailee that I had to put in!
Bailee Rose, with Great Grandma Rosalie

This is the only picture I got with Brynadee. She was having way too much fun exploring.
After the shower we took Brynadee to the Aquarium and she likes it even better than last time. Her favorite part by far is the new penguin exhibit. Later that night Weston took her swimming at the hotel and she couldn't get enough. She is going to be a water LOVER like her dad.

Monday, April 5

Easter Egg Hunt!!

We do a egg hunt at my parents, and because of the great weather this weekend we ended up doing it inside(the kids didn't really care, they were just happy to be getting candy). Brynadee actually new what she was suppose to do this year(with a little coaxing from dad). It was fun to watch her having so much fun!