Monday, May 10

Mother's Day.

I had a great Mother's day. We have been talking about getting a new oven, BUT it wasn't a necessity right now so we stopped looking at them. Well Friday Weston left with his parents to go to the store and comes back with an oven. He couldn't keep it a secret any longer. Thanks honey I love it.....maybe I can quit burning stuff....MAYBE.

Bailee's Blessing.

We blessed Bailee this month along with Izzie. The last picture is what the girls wore to Izzie's blessing. Then an hour later we blessed Bailee. It was a good day!! After both blessings we went to my mom's and had a big lunch all together.

These are their matching easter dresses Grandma Deets got for them.

I give UP!!!

Well if one more sickness or anything goes wrong I might go CRAZY!!!! In like February Weston got phenomia(?) and was sick for two weeks, he luckily got rid of that just in time for Bailee to get here, then last week Brynadee had the flu and still having blow-outs.
On Saturday Weston and I were on a motorcycle ride and he thought he got bit or stung by something, but we couldn't find any kind of bug.....well his leg just kept getting bigger and bigger so while we were out at my parents for dinner and he was showing everyone and by this time it was huge, red and on my family convinced me to make Weston go to the Emergency Room and come to find out he never got bit by anything, he has what is called mersa(?) and it just this bacteria that we all carry, but his body just reacted to for everyone that understand medical crap he has a staff infection in his leg. It was too far along that he can't just take an oral antibiotic, instead he gets to go in for a couple of days and every 12 hours he has to get IV antibiotics.......FUN FUN!!!!!