Thursday, February 9

Daddy/daughter bonding.

Brynadee wanted her fingernails and toenails painted a different color (again, she would have me paint them a different color everyday if I would let her) but I had just painted my fingernails so Weston had to take off her old polish.

Weston keeps telling Brynadee that she can paint his toenails, but has yet to happen but I will post pictures of that day when/if it happens.

Bailee really wants to do EVERYTHING her sister is doing, but she still doesn't hold still long enough to do her toenails and fingernails. If they do get done it is the lightest color possible and the thinnest coat of polish so they will dry in super speed.

Monday, February 6


Well our famiy has known for quite a while because of reasons we won't get into but.....we are expecting #3!!!! I am due in August. Brynadee is SO excited to have a baby, and I am a little worried about what Bailee is going to do to the poor thing.