Sunday, November 15


I had to throw this picture in....I was doing my hair this week and she came in to see what I doing and her potty is her favorite chair, so she had found a brochure weston got somewhere and came in to read!!! Like Daddy, like Daughter.
We went camping up at my grandpa's cabin this past weekend, and Brynadee had a BLAST in the snow. This isn't her first winter, but she didn't really play in it last year. Brynadee, Dax, and Daysen got pulled on sleds behind four-wheelers and they thought it was the best thing ever.

Thursday, November 12

Baby Update.

IT'S A GIRL!!!! So we went to our ultrasound yesterday and Weston thought that Brynadee should come....BAD idea!?! She balled the whole time because her mom couldn't hold her(it didn't help that we had to wake her up from her nap to go). She really needs to become more of a daddy's girl. We are super excited for Brynadee to have a little sister, but Weston says they are just going to fight, at least he knows what he is in for!!!