Thursday, December 3


Last night was our ward party, and this is the first year that Brynadee has sat on Santa's lap.... She loved him and was super excited right up until Weston put her on his lap, and as you can tell from her face she didn't last long. At least she likes him but just wasn't quite sure about being that close and personal. Hopefully we will have better luck next time!

Sunday, November 15


I had to throw this picture in....I was doing my hair this week and she came in to see what I doing and her potty is her favorite chair, so she had found a brochure weston got somewhere and came in to read!!! Like Daddy, like Daughter.
We went camping up at my grandpa's cabin this past weekend, and Brynadee had a BLAST in the snow. This isn't her first winter, but she didn't really play in it last year. Brynadee, Dax, and Daysen got pulled on sleds behind four-wheelers and they thought it was the best thing ever.

Thursday, November 12

Baby Update.

IT'S A GIRL!!!! So we went to our ultrasound yesterday and Weston thought that Brynadee should come....BAD idea!?! She balled the whole time because her mom couldn't hold her(it didn't help that we had to wake her up from her nap to go). She really needs to become more of a daddy's girl. We are super excited for Brynadee to have a little sister, but Weston says they are just going to fight, at least he knows what he is in for!!!

Wednesday, October 7

Fun filled weekend!

Well this past weekend was Weston's Grandmas 85th Birthday Party, so we went out a day early and went to Frightmares with his family. It was a lot of fun and not as crowded as I thought it would have been on UEA weekend.
The Birthday party was in the mountains in Logan and it was really pretty and a lot of fun to just catch up with his family. Brynadee and her little cousins had so much fun getting DIRTY!!!
(Of course I remembered my camera but didn't take any pictures)

Tuesday, September 8


Brynadee has been breakdancing since she could crawl and everyone thought it was so funny....It is her best dance move yet!!

Monday, September 7


Well the rumors are true.....We are prego again.....I know they will only be 20 months apart, but hopefully they will have lots of fun together!?!?

Thursday, August 20


My little girl turned 1 yesterday!! It was really fun, both families came and all the cousins were there and they all just wanted to go to the park they didn't care about the cake or anything else, including Brynadee.

After she got hold of her cake. She only got frosting, she never made it to the cake.During the demolition!!
Thanks to everyone that came and for all the gifts!!!

Saturday, August 15

Brynadee got her one year pictures. I can't believe she is going to be ONE on Wednesday!!

Monday, August 3

Little Girl!

My baby is all grown up and I now have a little girl!!! It is so sad how fast she has grown up. She will be one whole year on the 19th and I have no idea where the year went.
P.S. We are selling our house if anyone knows of someone looking!!!

Sunday, July 5

4th of July!

For the fourth we first had to go to the parade, then we went up to the lake and had so much fun!!
Brynadee LOVES licorice.
Dad playing with Brynadee and having a blast.

Chubba didn't like the tube the first time, she was over exhausted!!

Thanksgiving Point.

The next day after lagoon, we took the kids to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. All of the older kids loved it, Brynadee just was glad not to be in her stroller and in the HOT sun.
Brynadee loved this little guy.
Weston and Dave just couldn't let the kids play in the sand.

The dinosau is grabbing Chubbs.

Brynadee thought she was pretty neat stuff.

My two favorite people!!

It's what FUN is!!

Brynadee on Carousel!!

On Wednesday we took all of the kids to Lagoon!! It was alot of fun. The first half of the day was spent in kiddy land. Yahoo!! It was a lot of fun to watch the kids have so much fun. They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.

Brynadee on the boat ride.

Daysen on the carousel.

Dax on carousel.

Tuesday, June 23


So for two weeks straight we did swim lessons for Weston's sake. If it would have been up to me I would have waited a year, but Weston insisted she LOVE the water and what better way than swim lessons. She didn't really need the swim lessons because she already loves the water, but oh well.
Well needless to say it was the longest two weeks!! They were right during nap time so she was good most of the time, but there were a few times she had it and just wanted to go to sleep. She wouldn't even make it home before she was are some pictures Grandma Deets came and took of her Loving swimming.

Friday, June 5

2 Whole Years!!!!

Well I'm a little behind but Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Oh and let me tell you it has gone by so fast. It is crazy to think we have only been married 2 years and have a little 9 month old!!! CRAZY?!? But worth it.

Well Monday morning we headed out to the city and shopped it up!! Yeah. It was an overdue shopping trip.(those are the worst because then you go crazy and think you need to get everything because you may not be back out to go shopping anytime soon.) We ate some good food, and just shopped some more. Then that night we went swimming at our hotel and brynadee had so much fun.....UNTIL.......We were getting her ready for bed and she had just gotten of the bath tub and her dad was grabbing something for me and left her on the bed(BIG NO NO) and she fell off right onto her head. She scrame for a solid 15 minutes, but she slept great.

Tuesday morning we got up and went to The Living Planet Aquarium and Bryandee loved it. She loved all the fish and just seeing all sorts of new things. After that we headed up to the zoo. Well needless to say she didn't so good here. She was ready for a nap, it was hot, and all of the animals were sleeping so you had to search to even see them so I think the only animals she saw were the camels, gorillas, monkeys, and bears. So pretty much I guess the zoo was really for Weston and I.

Overall it was a really good anniversary!! Thanks Babe for all you do for me and chubba.
We Love You!
This is Dad and Chubba looking at all the cool fish.
They are trying to touch the stingray. We are at the zoo and she is trying to be happy
with the gorilla
She is dead tired after the trip, she can't even finish her bottle, but she doesn't want to let it go.

Sunday, May 31

Boat Rides!!

On Saturday we went up to the lake with everyone else of course, and it was another first for Brynadee. She loves when we blow in her face or when it is really windy. It isn't going to be easy to teach her how to hold her breath and go under the water because you can't just blow in her face and have her hold her breath.

She is helping grandpa drive the boat!
She is just loving life. She is just like her dad and LOVES water. She was the only brave one that got in the lake. Well put her feet in, but she loved it she didn't even care that it was freezing.

Monday, May 25

What crappy weather this weekend!!

Brynadee, Kayden, and Cloey
Brynadee tuckered out from the LONG weekend.

The Deets Family

For Memorial Weekend Weston's brother, Scott, and his family came to visit from St. George. We were hopefully going to do a little four-wheeling and BBQing outside and just having a good weekend. We still had a good weekend but it was just a bummer that we had to stay inside the whole time and watch it rain. We did a family photo, that will be current for about 3 more months and played a lot of card games. The kids got to play together and it was a pretty good weekend considering the weather.

Thursday, May 21

9 Months Old!!

WOW how the time flies!! Our little girl is already 9 months old. I can't image life without her, she is so fun and has quite the little attitude.
This is our little chubba 9 month old, it is crazy how fast she growing!!
She is 6 months old and enjoying her very first sucker, she loved it!

She was our little NO neck, double chinned cutie @ 3 months.

This is our little miracle.

Monday, May 4

Work, Work, Work!!!

So for two weeks starting last friday night Weston is on night schedule for the outage at work.(power plant) He leaves at 6 P.M. and gets home at 8 A.M. then drops everything and crawls(literally) into bed. Then all day I have to try and keep Brynadee quiet. That is a joke.
He wakes up anywhere from 3-4 eats, plays with brynadee for a minute then starts all over. I really am SO GRATEFUL for Weston working and supporting us so I can stay home with Brynadee, but this sucks!!! Thank goodness it is for only 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, April 22

Random Pictures!

Well it has been a while since I have blogged and a lot of firsts have happened for Brynadee!!

First time jumping on the tramp with Dad, and LOVED it!!

First time going down a slide with Mom, and LOVED it!!

First time on a four-wheeler ride with Grandpa, and LOVED it!!
Her thing is waving to everyone and clapping all the time.

She loves when Dad is home on the weekends and gives her her baths!! She thinks they are much funner than moms.

This is Weston being a homemaker and helping me make Stripe Delight for Sunday dinner.

Brynadee has started to scoot and roll around, but she only goes backward so then the runs into things and gets really mad after a while because she can't go anywhere anymore. She is starting to get quite the little personality!!!