Thursday, February 18

Update on Bailee.

So two weeks ago at my appointment I was suppose to get an ultrasound(just to check the heart...there is nothing wrong, but they thought something was wrong with Brynadee's heart so he was wanting to double check). Anyway, so come to find out I had almost too much amniotic fluid....normal amounts are between 5-25 and I had 23...well not a big deal right.
Well I went back this week for my appointment and had to get another ultrasound to check the fluid AND of course it couldn't have just stayed the same. My fluid levels are now at 30. So of course they can't figure out why I have so much fluid because everything with baby is just fine.
So I now have to go and get stress tested every week and an utlrasound at every appointment. They told me it is okay though just look at all the weight I would loose when I had the baby because of the fluid, but it is really sad when some of your MATERNITY shirts don't even cover your belly because it is soo BIG!!! But I guess I can't complain Bailee is healthy as a horse!! She is scheduled to come on March 29th!! 5 weeks and 3 days to go, but who is counting!

Tuesday, February 9


So all last week Brynadee was a BEAR!!!!!! I thought she was just getting her eye teeth and being really mean and moody, people say they are the worst. She also had a little bit of a fever all week.
All weekend we were around my whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, she woke up yesterday with little red dots all over her tummy and back. So my first thought is that she is getting chicken pox!!! Well come to find out she has roseola. There is nothing you can do for it, just make Brynadee as comfortable as possible.
We exposed all of the little kids to it. SORRY!!! I guess they are contagious before they even have any symptoms. She at least isn't as cranky, we just have to stay in the house, not to expose her to anyone else.

Tuesday, February 2


Here some little pictures of Bailee. 8 weeks to go, but who's counting!?!?!