Thursday, August 20


My little girl turned 1 yesterday!! It was really fun, both families came and all the cousins were there and they all just wanted to go to the park they didn't care about the cake or anything else, including Brynadee.

After she got hold of her cake. She only got frosting, she never made it to the cake.During the demolition!!
Thanks to everyone that came and for all the gifts!!!

Saturday, August 15

Brynadee got her one year pictures. I can't believe she is going to be ONE on Wednesday!!

Monday, August 3

Little Girl!

My baby is all grown up and I now have a little girl!!! It is so sad how fast she has grown up. She will be one whole year on the 19th and I have no idea where the year went.
P.S. We are selling our house if anyone knows of someone looking!!!