Saturday, January 23

More of the Haircut!

This is the finished product.

This is right after the fact.
You can just call her "BUTCH"


Well it all started because my husband and my sister's husband had to go to scout camp....So we went to my mom's house so Dax and Brynadee could play(because they play sooo good together.) They had ripped the play to pieces and were being so good, when I hear Brynadee whining so I go downstairs to find Dax holding my shears CUTTING Brynadee's hair.....I LOST IT!!! He had cut all over her head then cut her ponytail off and to make it all better he cut all the hairs in the ponytail. So needless to say I have a little girl with a little boy haircut. There are some places on the top of her head that are to the scalp. It will be interesting to see how creative I can become with making her look like a girl. Like my dad said...."You won't even know this happened in 6 months", but I think it will take a little longer than that.

Monday, January 11

I'm a BIG girl now!!!

So we decided to get Brynadee into a big girl bed before the new baby gets here......WELL lets just say the first night was ROUGH!!! We put her to bed and she just kept coming into our room, so we would take her back and she would just crawl right back out of bed...well this went on until midnight, then she finally gave in, BUT she came right back into our room at 4:30 so Weston went to bed with her and slept in her bed until 7.

So the next night we just locked her in her room and this how we found her after she was done crying her eyes out.