Wednesday, April 22

Random Pictures!

Well it has been a while since I have blogged and a lot of firsts have happened for Brynadee!!

First time jumping on the tramp with Dad, and LOVED it!!

First time going down a slide with Mom, and LOVED it!!

First time on a four-wheeler ride with Grandpa, and LOVED it!!
Her thing is waving to everyone and clapping all the time.

She loves when Dad is home on the weekends and gives her her baths!! She thinks they are much funner than moms.

This is Weston being a homemaker and helping me make Stripe Delight for Sunday dinner.

Brynadee has started to scoot and roll around, but she only goes backward so then the runs into things and gets really mad after a while because she can't go anywhere anymore. She is starting to get quite the little personality!!!

Wednesday, April 1

Visit to Grandma's

This past weekend we went up to Logan for one of Weston's mission companions wedding reception so we went up to Lewiston to visit his Grandma and Aunt. It was a long day for Brynadee by the time we got up to his Grandmas house and she had fallen asleep right before we got there, so we had to wake her up and she was a bear the whole time we were there. I felt so bad she wouldn't go to anyone. Then we ran back through Logan to the reception and almost didn't make it in time, it was from 2-4 and we rolled up at 3:45. Whoops!!! After the reception we drove back to Salt Lake and went to a VERY good Jazz Game with my brother and sister-in-law. (I don't have pictures because they are on my sister-in-laws camera) Brynadee was so much better at this game than the last one. It was an early game so that make it alot better. She took a nap during the game and woke just in time for exciting end of the game and over time. It was a nice short trip to get away and eat GOOD food!!