Tuesday, June 26

House for Sale!!!

Well it has finally happened!!  A realtor brought some people to look at our house on friday @ 4 and by 5:30 they had written an offer on our house.  I didn't think this day was EVER going to happen.  It is suppose to close on Aug. 1st.  and we will be living with my parents for the duration until our house gets built.  Of course it couldn't be any better timing.  We will just get moved out of our house and situated into my parents just in time to welcome our new little one!!
Keep your fingers crossed for Aug. 1st and that everything goes well.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Do you need help packing? I could give a few hours while I'm up there. Let me know.... hey it's not so bad right... now you've got some extra hands, ESPECIALLY now that you're going to have another baby. It will be nice for you to have while adjusting to three. :)